Tuesday 2/2/21


Full & Minimal Gym

A. Armbar + Bent Armbar: 2 x 30 sec + 30 sec/side; RAN

B. 5 rounds for quality:

3/3 Mixed Grip Chin-Ups (RAN b/t grip switches)

5 Piked Pushups or Box HSPU @31X1 + 10 sec hold last rep

3/3 DB Windmills @2 sec holds each rep

C. 4 rounds for range:

5 Kneeling Arches

5 Wide Grip Pullovers @3 sec hold each rep

5 Supinated Grip Arch Hangs

10 sec Elevated Bridge Hold

D. Side Lying External Rotation: 1 x 1 min/side @3020 tempo

5 Replies to “Tuesday 2/2/21”

  1. Great workout. I thought I might need to weight the mixed grip chins but the bodyweight ones got hard pretty fast. 🙂 The bridge with my feet on the chair felt good.

  2. Chin-ups got tougher than expected!
    Box HSPU on a couple of the rounds, felt good.
    20, 25 lb on Windmills

    I did the range work yesterday, I’m taking tomorrow’s range work for a test session later today.
    ER – right still weaker, had to pause x 2.

  3. chin-ups felt good
    Alternated HSPU and pike… I have a hard time getting vertical on the HSPU
    53kb windmills

    Range work : looong way from touching my head. Bridge hold is a no go for me… don’t seem to have the should mobility today.

  4. A. Straight Arm bar almost flat to ground. 5# db. bent 5#db

    B. No pull up bar so 5×7 reps at 35# rows
    Pike push up very difficult,
    especially on shoulder. Any
    Windmills. 3 sets @15# 2 @25#.

    C. Arches good but quads tight from last workout. Pull overs good. Cobra @ 20 sec hold. Shoulder bridge.

    D. Rotations. 5# db

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