Tuesday 10/19/21


Full  & Minimal Gyms

A. Rotate EMOM for 16 min (4 x through):

1st min – 40 Heavy Rope Singles -OR- 30 DUs

2nd min – 8-10 Burpees – fast

3rd min – 10 Box Jumps

4th min – 10/10 Lateral Bounds

B. 3 rounds:

30 sec/arm Suitcase Carry (march in place if needed)

5/arm Twisting Press to Windmill

10/arm Split Stance Rotational DB/KB Rows

C. 2-3 rounds for range:

30 sec Active Hang

10 Wide Grip Pullovers

10 Band Y-Pulls -OR- Prone Dowel Raise

3 Replies to “Tuesday 10/19/21”

  1. A heavy rope, 10 burpees 30 sec, 18″ box. I noticed today how much lighter the heavy rope feels than when I first started using it. 🙂
    B worked up to 53# with carry, 15# plate for windmill, worked up to 25# for rows
    C – 7.5# plates on PVC for pullovers, red band for y-pulls

  2. A)
    heavy jump rope
    10 burpees each round
    ~14″ box for jumps

    45# plate (with handles) for suitcase carry
    25#KB for press/windmill
    25# KB for rotational row

    C) used PVC only for the pullovers
    10# resistance band for Y-pulls

  3. A. mostly double unders
    10 burpees
    10 box jumps
    20 lateral bounds

    B 53lb kb suitcase
    waiter press… 35lb plate. first time in a long time my hand would straighten to do this
    row – 45lb db

    C Range work felt good

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