Tue am Flexibility Class 7/27/21

Well, for the first time in quite a while, I forgot to hit record at the start of the class, and didn’t catch it until the class was over. Luckily, the class was a progression from the lower body class from 2 weeks ago. You can find the video for last week’s here and just follow it if you like.

Or, if you’d rather, this is what we did. I linked videos for a few things or added some notes.

My apologies!

A. Joint Circles – lower body specific mostly (usual class warmup prep)

B. Preparatory stretches, 2 rounds:

30 sec/side Floor Quad Stretch

5 Wide Stance Jefferson Curls (same as normal version, just in a wider stance)

30 sec/side Dorsiflexed Couch Stretch (ball of foot on wall to stretch calf also)

30 sec/side Elevated Pigeon Stretch

5 Frog Pushups + 15 sec upright hold

C. 3 sets:

C1. Weighted Butterfly x 10 + 15” hold

C2. Pancake Good Morning x 5

C3. ATG Split Squat x 5 @5 sec holds

C4. Side Split Scale x 20 sec/side

D. Once thru:

Side Split ISO Hold x 30 sec

PigeonStretch x 90 sec/side

Side Split ISO Hold x 30 sec

Front Split x 60 sec/side

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