Thursday 7/29/21



Couch w/foot flexed 

Full & Minimal Gyms

A. 3 rounds:

20/leg Patrick Step-Downs  

5/5 ATG Split Squats for range

B. 5 rounds:

3/leg Rear Ft Elevated Split Squats – heavy, build up, but end heavier than last week*.

3 Weighted Chin-ups -OR- 6/arm DB Rows

rest 1 min

*note-if you don’t have enough load to make 3 reps challenging, then select a higher rep range to match what weight you have, up to a max of 10 reps/leg.

C. 4 rounds:

3/leg Pistol Squats

5/leg Single Leg RDLs – build up in weight

5-10 EROM Pushups -OR- Dips

rest 1 min

5 Replies to “Thursday 7/29/21”

  1. B. Split Squat – worked up to 140 lbs x 3/3. (using the safety squat bar); TRX Rows w/2 sec pause on chest
    C. Full pistols & SL RDL – 75 lbs, EROM Dips

    Fun one, did it in the 96 deg heat!

    1. Used my stairs for Patrick step downs. Split squat used 30lb dumbbells. Pistol squats and 6 ring dips. Completed today in the afternoon! 91 degrees hot.

  2. Man i did not have much today

    Two 35# KB for the split squats, sets of 5
    70# DB for rows

    Pistol squats to a chair
    10 EROM Push ups
    25# for the RDLs

    Hot out there today

  3. B1) built to 25# BB plates in each hand; could not figure out how to balance with the actual BB
    B2) subbed ring rows–6 each round from a challenging angle

    C1) used a bench for pistols
    C2) built to 63# for single leg RDL
    C3) did EROM push-ups x6 per round

  4. warm up was sweaty!
    B. couldn’t get rear foot elevated today
    worked up to 125 split squat
    weighted chin ups with 25lb db
    C pistols to bench…. for is better
    RDL – 53kb….need to find a heavier implement
    EROM pushups 10 per

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