Thursday 7/22/21




Couch + 90/90 series

Poliquin Step-Downs + ATG Split Squats

Full & Minimal Gyms

A1. Rear Ft Elevated Split Squat: 4 x 4/leg; rest 40-60 sec

note-build up in weight – go up at least 10 lbs once again from last week.

A2. Split Stance KB Swing: 4 x 10/leg heavy; rest 60 sec

B. Skater Squat: 5 x 5,4,3,2,1/side; rest 45 sec

note-regress to a version you can hit the rep range on.

C. 3 rounds:

5 Incline Jefferson Curls

30 sec/side Overhead Couch Stretch

30 sec/side Elevated Pigeon

5 Frog Pushups + 10 sec upright

5 Pancake Good Mornings

30 sec Side Split ISO

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  1. A – did 53# which is what I did last time. I tried 58# with left leg back and I couldn’t do it – 35# for swings
    B – skater getting a bit better
    C – jeff curls did 53# barbell, couch stretch with 12# DB, elevated pigeon getting a bit easier. Right has a sticking point always.

    Good stuff!

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