Thursday 1/13/22


Minimal & Full Gym

A1. Goblet Cyclist/Front/or Back Squat: 5 x 8 @3010; rest 1 min

note-choose 1 – add fro last week.

A2. Harrop Curl: 5 x 3-5; rest 1 min

B. 4 rounds:

6 Lean-Away Sissy Squats

5 Jefferson Curls @3 sec hold each rep

5 Strict T2B w/5 sec lowering each rep

C1. Long Lunge Hold: 1 x 60 sec

C2. Donkey Calf Raises: 1 x 20 @3 sec holds at top each rep

3 Replies to “Thursday 1/13/22”

  1. A1) 103# back squat; felt strong
    A2) 5 reps each round, had a hard time finding something that could support my heels or toes; overall not sure how the quality of my movement was
    B) sissy squats went well
    43# for Jefferson curls
    raised kneee –>5 second straight leg lowering was really challenging
    C1) felt good
    C2) also felt good; hard to get through last 5 reps

  2. A1) Front squats 135#. I tried to move up in weight, but wasn’t feeling it at the beginning. By set 3 I felt better and probably could have gone up. Next time
    A2) 5 reps each round
    B) sissy squats
    65# for Jefferson curls
    Controlled l-sit lowering
    C1) hard

  3. A1. Goblet cyclist 2 – 15#kb rounds 1-2, up to 20# kb for rounds 3-3
    B. jefferson curls 5# – no pain or numbness!
    raised knees to armpits- straight leg was instant cramp

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