Strength 4.0

Monthly Group Training - Strength 4.0
  • 4 regular classes per week, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday mornings, streamed over Zoom.
  • An archived replay will be available afterwards.
  • The training program will have a seasonal focus, where we make strong gains in one area while still keeping everything else fresh.
  • There will be monthly challenges, where we all set a target and then work to achieve it by the end of the month.
  • Wednesday nights will have a combined mobility & flexibility class each week, starting at 4:30pm Pacific. The focus of the class changes every 2-3 weeks.
  • We do periodic "Ask Me Anything" live calls.  Accountability, goal setting, nutrition, lifestyle, sport prep - whatever!  I want to give everyone the knowledge of how to stay as healthy as possible so you can eventually be your own coach.
  • For those local, there will be monthly Saturday workouts that are more than just a WOD - we’ll meet at different places and explore different physical activities. I plan for these to range from tough challenge workouts, to longer aerobic sessions like hikes, rucks, or rides, to meet ups at different gyms to learn new skills or methods.
  • This is not a normal home training program! It’s designed to be small, community-based, results driven, and maybe most important of all - fun! It’s modeled after how things felt 15-20 years ago, back before there were box gyms. Nowadays, we have technology that will make it an even better experience. Those early years, and the tight-knit community it fostered, are still some of the fondest training memories I've ever had.
  • You can train along with me and pick my brain for only $97 per month. You’ll have access to everything I know, and you can reach out anytime. We’re going to knock down our goals each month and keep getting 1% better every day!
$97.00/month until cancelled