Single Leg Strength, part 3

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Single Leg Strength, part 3 (double leg) Along with developing the single leg strength from part 1 & 2, we also want to be building strength with both legs together in the classic squat pattern. The first order of business is an unloaded squat with great form. Some will have to work on specific mobility or stability drills to achieve this, but that would be for another series of posts. Assuming one can perform quality squats without weight, I then move athletes to the Goblet Squat. In the past, I’d start an athlete on the barbell to learn Back and/or Front Squats. However, I now use the Goblet Squat until one can demonstrate 20 good quality reps with 1/2 their bodyweight. This is not easy and can take some people quite a while to achieve! I switched to this method a couple of years ago after reading an article by @drjohnrusin After trying it myself, and using it with clients, I have come to see the effectiveness of this method. (Dr. Rusin uses a 25 rep standard; I went with 20 reps for newbies but do use 25 reps+ for those with a significant training age) If starting with an experienced athlete, I still use this test, as many will still show flaws in their squat technique under fatigue. Loading in front with the dumbbell or kettlebell forces the athlete to create greater core/abdominal activation, and solidifies the movement from shoulders to hips. I also like it for my remote clients who have access to DBs or KBs, as the Goblet squat is more self-correcting than the barbell variants. Testing a high-rep scheme requires strength endurance and once fatigue sets in, it displays a default pattern the individual will use under high fatigue or loading. By finding this, we can then individualize the training to address this weak point. By working the Goblet squat pattern diligently, you earn the right to get under the barbell and go heavy. Everyone I’ve had pass this challenge easily masters the barbell variants and handle decent weight right away with good form. Here’s 30 reps @85 lbs, done at ~165 lbs bodyweight. #bmxfitness #bikefitness #fitforflat #bmxtraining @rochelle_hagnas

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