Single Leg Strength, part 2

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Single Leg Strength, part 2 Part 2 of single leg strength is having control of your leg at the hip. These movements are not commonly trained, but I have found them to be of great benefit. This 4 exercise series is a starting point. These exercises evolve into other ones once these become easy. By the way, these exercises are important for all who want their body to work correctly, not just riders! Let’s look at them: • Straight Leg Hovers on Wall – hip flexor strength. Sit with your legs straight & back flat on the wall. Lift your straight leg with control and pass it over a low object. Over time, increase the height of the block, or add ankle weights. If you can’t lift at all, sit on a low pad to make it easier. • Side Plank Leg & Hip Lift – lateral hip strength. This “Jane Fonda” looking exercise is actually pretty hard to do well! From a stacked side plank, lift the top leg AND push the bottom hip up, cresting a star shape. Nice & slow with control. • Straight Leg Glute Bridge – hip extension strength. Off the ground, or on a low block, set up as shown. Squeeze your butt on the working side and press the hip up just a few cm. Keep your pelvis tucked under and don’t allow your low back to arch! You should work to feel this mostly in the glutes. • Copenhagen Adductor Lift – groin strength. Set up in a side plank with your top foot on a bench. Staying in a nice line (no bending at the hips), drop your top hip and bottom leg, then return smoothly for reps. If this version is too intense at first, bend the top leg 90 degrees so your knee is on the bench. I have people do 5-10 reps each side of these 4 drills in a circuit. One time thru to start, then working up to doing it 3 times. Once you can do it for 3 x 10 with good control, you’ll have much improved hip strength & control! #bmxfitness #bikefitness #fitforflat #bmxtraining

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