Monday, Nov 30th 2020

Mon 11/30:

Warmup + Couch & Pike baseline

Full Gym:

A. 5 rounds, resting as needed between each for quality:

• Zercher Squat, floating heels x 5 @2311 tempo (start easy, build up)

• ATG Split Squat x 2/side @10 sec hold each rep

• Single Straight Leg Glute Bridge x 5/side @3 sec hold each rep

B. 8 rounds on a 1 min timer – try for nasal breathing throughout: 

15 sec Deep Knee Bends

15 sec KB Swings

30 sec rest

C. 2 rounds:

30 sec/side Couch Stretch

30 sec Pike

D. 2 rounds:

5/5 Long Lunge Lift-Offs w/support @3 sec hold each rep

30 sec Anchored Shoulder Bridge

Minimal Equipment Gym:

The only modifications you’ll need today is to sub Goblet Squats for the Zercher Squats. If 5 reps at the indicated tempo is too easy with the weight you have, add 1-2 reps to each set.

Here’s the video link to the class. Rookie move – I forgot to hit record on the class at 6:30am, so the recorded version is of my workout at 8am. I added all instructional parts, so everything’s there!

8 Replies to “Monday, Nov 30th 2020”

  1. A) Zercher squat: built up to 65#; probably could have added more.
    B) no problem with nasal breathing for entire section.

  2. Worked up to 145 lbs on the squats and 40 lbs/hand on lunges. Nasal breathing not difficult on conditioning. Felt great, really looking forward to working out with you all!

  3. Wow. As usual, harder than anticipated! Started with empty #15 barbell for Zerchers – didn’t know what to expect being on toes. Worked to a empty #35 keeping things super safe and feeling out the toes. Imbalances presented on the lunges – back in the saddle again. Super fun Scott. So great being back on Team Hagnas!!! Thx!!

  4. 115 on the squats & 25 lbs/hand on the lunges. Had to go 2 plates on the front foot on the lunges to get the full range of motion. Nasal breathing easy on the conditioning – only hit 105 bpm.

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