Monday 10/18/21



-Note today – add weight or do a more difficult variation if you made all of your reps last time!!

Full  & Minimal Gyms

A. Front Squat (barbell or DBs): 4 x 10 @2011; rest 30 sec ONLY

B. Slider Hamstring Curls -OR- Hamstring Walkouts: 4 x 30 sec; rest 30 secĀ 

C. DB Strict Press: 4 x 10 @2011; rest 30 sec 

D. Split Squats: 4 x 10/leg @2010; no rest b/t legs

note-alternate legs w/o rest through the 4 sets.

E. Squatting Calf Raises: 4 x 10 @1011; rest 30 sec 

F. Wtd Situps: 4 x 10 @2020; rest 30 sec 

G. 3 rounds:

10/arm Side Plank Powell Raises

10/10 Lateral KB/DB Swings

15 On/Off Jumps (plate or low step)

6 Replies to “Monday 10/18/21”

  1. A) built up to 83#
    B) started with hamstring sliders (1.5 sets) then needed to switch to hamstring walkouts for remaining section
    C)built to 8.5kg; had to break up 3rd set and 4th set at this weight
    D)added 10# DB in each hand–brutal
    F) added 12kg DB
    G) used 5# weight plate for Powell raises; 10# DB for lateral swings

  2. A. Fr Squat: 65# Barbell. Tough on the last few reps of set 4. Up from 55# last week
    B. Walkouts: Did short step version
    C. Strict Press: Did seated using BB; 45#. Finished all four sets, close to fail on #4
    D. Split Squats: Body weight, TOUGH
    E. Calf Raises: Spicy by the end
    F. Wtd Situp: Held 5# change plate. Good weight for a challenge by last set
    G. Side Plank Raises: 5# change plate, I like this movement

  3. A) 95#
    B) Walkouts
    C) 20 lbs per hand
    D) 1st round with 10 lb plates, BW for rounds 2-4
    F) 25 lbs
    G) 10 lb plate / 35 lb swing

  4. A 110BB
    B hammie sliders
    C alt between 25 & 45’s
    D splits – 25’s
    E sit ups with 25lb plate
    G plank with 5lb
    lateral swing 53kb
    hops felt solid…

    Good workout to come back to!

  5. I hit this one Tues instead of Monday. Great workout! Im still kind of sore from last week too. Definitely just doing the required workout days this week

  6. A – 58# FS
    B – used sliders.. no cramping but def got tight!
    C – 12# for presses
    D – 10#s for split squats
    F – held 20# for sit ups
    G – 5# powells, 26# lat swings, 45# plate to jump on

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