Monday 1/17/22

Full & Minimal Gyms

(use last week’s best weight for both)

A. 21-15-9 rep rounds:

Deadlift  (use BB, DBs, or KBs)

Split Squat L

Split Squat R

B. 4 rounds:

5 Seated Good Mornings 

6-8/side Feet Elevated Side Plank Hip Dips

6/side Windmill

C. 2 rounds:

Pancake with Slant & Band  x 4 reps @10 sec on/5 sec off

5/5 Straight Leg Hip Adduction @5 sec holds

Elevated Pigeon x 45 sec/side

6 Replies to “Monday 1/17/22”

  1. A) 123# for DL
    17kg for split squat

    B) 20# for good mornings
    8/8 for side plank hip dips
    25# for windmill; legs straight

    C) started with 10# DB, dropped to 5# plate in second round
    hips adductions felt good
    30″ box seems to work best for elevated pigeons; right hip tighter than left

  2. 185#DL, 45# DB ea SS
    45# BB for good morning, the heaviest KB here (16#) for windmills

    Had a good trip this weekend, I’m doing monday and tuesday a day behind, and I’ll see you Friday morning!

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