Monday 1/10/22

Full & Minimal Gyms

(add from last week)

A1. Deadlift: 5 x 8 @3010; rest 1 min (use BB, DBs, or KBs)

A2. Split Squat: 5 x 8/leg @3010; rest 1 min

B. 4 rounds:

5 Seated Good Mornings (BB/KB/DB)

5/side Half Kneeling OH Side Bends

5/side Half Kneeling Windmill

C. 2 rounds:

Pancake with Slant & Band – 2 x 4 reps @5 sec on/10 sec off

5/5 Straight Leg Hip Adduction @5 sec holds

6 Replies to “Monday 1/10/22”

  1. A1) 123# for DL
    A2) 17kg DB for split sqaut

    seated good mornings: 10# DB chest to incline bench
    10# DB chest to flat bench
    Rounds 3-4: 6kg DB chest to flat bench

    half kneeling OH side bend: 5#/6kg/10#/10#
    half kneeling windmill 10# DB: back of hand to ground/elbow to plate rounds 2-3/elbow to ground round 4

    C) pancake: sat on exercise step; used 5# weight plate OH
    D) added in 90 seconds pigeon each side

  2. a1 95# Deadlift
    A2 10# Db lunges
    B. 35# BB good mornings, no weight OH side bends, 10 # kneeling windmills
    C. 10# weight for adduction

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