Physiological Testing

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) – $150

This test is the gold standard for measuring one’s metabolic rate, giving you the actual number of calories you burn at rest. It also shows if you burn primarily carbs, fat, or a mix of both at rest.

This test allows you to know exactly what your calorie needs are, rather than relying on formulas that can be off by quite a bit due to individual differences.

You can learn a lot about your cellular and metabolic health by knowing what fuel sources (carbs vs. fat) you burn at rest, and it can help guide training and nutrition protocols with a high degree of precision.

The test also assesses your metabolic rate, so you can know if you have a fast or slow metabolism, and you can re-test to see metabolic improvements over time.

Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) – $200

This is a VO2 Max Assessment, and a whole lot more! This test is done on a cardio modality, like a bike, Airbike, or rower. It can also be done with running, skiing, or as a step-test.

From this test, you’ll be able to learn far more than just what your VO2 max is:

  • Learn where your thresholds and training zones actually are. The commonly prescribed zones are actually just estimates based off of max heart rate, age etc, and can vary widely among individuals. You’ll learn what intensities you are strong, and where you can make improvements.
  • Learn what pace and heart rate will currently build your aerobic base. Many athletes end up overestimating this, and as a result do not see the improvements they’d expect for the work that they’ve put in.
  • This test identifies strengths and weaknesses of the individual systems – cardiac, respiratory, metabolic, and muscular.
  • It identifies any respiratory limitations – you’ll learn if you have optimal breathing volume, strength, and coordination. This can be improved through the correct interventions, and in my experience, this is low hanging fruit for many athletes and can make a big difference in performance.
  • It will help identify and cardiac limitations, or difficulties with oxygen utilization at the muscular level.
  • You’ll learn how many calories you burn at each heart rate.

Every athlete has a system (cardiac, respiratory, muscular, etc) that is the limiter to reaching higher levels of performance. For example, if 2 athletes have the same mile time, but one’s limiting system is respiratory and the other’s is muscular, the same training program will likely not work for both of them. The training must address the system that is the weak link.

From the information from this test, limitation specific training can be prescribed.

This test uses the PNOE metabolic analyzer and Moxy muscle oxygen sensors for a state of the art test.

Full Test – RMR and AMR – $300

The two tests above combined. This the most comprehensive look at your specific internal and core physiological fitness.

Sports Specific Testing

I also offer several other assessments. Reach out if you are interested in more info on these assessments.

  • Strength zoning with Moxy. (near infrared spectroscopy)
  • Lactate Testing
  • Core Body Temperature Monitoring
  • Mixed modal assessments – specialized tests for specific movements.
  • Endurance based ramp tests – a longer step test for those who do longer endurance events.
  • Velocity Based Strength Testing & Monitoring