Interim Workouts, Nov 19-21

Two workouts for this week while we await the kickoff of the new program on Nov 30th!

You can do them on whatever day you like. I will post more for next week.

Thu 11/19:

Warmup A or B, or mashup of both

A. 3 rounds:

30 sec/side Wall Death (Couch) Stretch

30 sec Standing Pike Stretch

30 sec in Low Squat Hold

B. Iso/Dynamic Air Squats:, 5 sets (rounds):

30 sec active hold at parallel, right into 

15 sec AMRAP of as many explosive reps as possible 

60 sec rest 

C. 15 min AMRAP – try for nasal breathing thru all: (in & out)

Run ~300m (or Row 350m or 150 Rope Singles)

20 Squat Thrusts (Burpee w/ pushup or jump)

D. Hero Pose: 2 x 30 sec; RAN

Fri 11/20:

Warmup A or B, or mashup of both

A1. Strict Pushups: 5 x amrap(-1); rest 90 sec

A2. Rows*: 5 x 8-15; rest 90 sec

*use what you have. DB/KB One Arm Rows, Bent Barbell Rows, Ring or TRX Rows, etc.

B. 6 rounds:

10 KB/DB Swings (can sub squats or fast unweighted hip hinges)

10 alt’g Step-Ups

rest 30 sec b/t rounds

C. 2 rounds for range:

15 sec each in Downdog and Cobra

3/3 light DB Overhead Side Bends

5 Cross-Bench DB/KB Pullovers @3 sec holds

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