Interim workouts 11/23-11/26

Mon 11/23:

Warmup A or B, or mashup of both

A. Loaded Squat: 4 x 6-8 @50X0; rest 2 min

note-Back Squat if you have a barbell. Other options are double DB/KB front squats, goblet squat, or sandbag squat. 5 sec lowering each rep! If you only have light weight, shoot for 8-10 reps instead.

B. 4 rounds:

8/8 One Arm DB/KB Snatch

8 Burpees

8/8 One Arm DB/KB Row

8/8 One Arm DB/KB Reverse Lunge (hold DB in hand on front leg side)

C. 3 rounds:

30 sec/side Wall Death (Couch) Stretch

30 sec Standing Pike Stretch

5/5 Long Lunge Lift-Offs

Tue 11/24:

Warmup A or B, or mashup of both

A. Turkish Get Up: complete 10 reps/side, switching or resting as needed.

note-use DB, KB, or whatever else you have. You can choose to go heavy and work at it a while, or lighter and quicker.

B. Once, at steady high aerobic pace:

45 KB/DB Swings

400m Run

35 KB/DB Swings

800m Run

25 KB/DB Swings

1200m Run

15 KB/DB Swings

Thu 11/26:

Zoom Workout 9am, workout TBA

Fri 11/27:

Wall Couch (Death) Stretch – 2 min/side

Warmup A or B, or mashup of both

easy Run ~400m

Once thru in order, for time if you want!:

40 Box Jumps or Tuck Jumps if no box or step

40 Rows – DB, barbell, ring row, sandbag, etc.

40 KB/DB Swings

40 steps total Walking Lunges or Reverse Lunges

40 Situps

40 Supermans

40 single DB Push Presses (or 20/arm if KB)

40 Goblet Squats

40 Burpees

400m Run

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