The #1 exercise for restoring elbow health of riders is this simple seeming stretch. It’s a staple in all of my programs for riders, and it’s the exercise that has saved more rider’s elbows than I can count, including my own.Here’s the basic video on the exercise:
Recently, I made this new video going over some of the finer points of the exercise. Definitely check out the new video below, but I recap here:
1 – keep the shoulder blades back – don’t allow them to roll forward.
2 – keep shoulders level, then try to bring the dowel across your body.
3 – add in a lean away with your neck.
4 – keep your thumb wrapped around the dowel!
5 – all the same points apply to the double arm version.
6 – narrow your grip to progress.
Once you have a feeling for the stretch, you can easily do it during a session, using your handlebars:
In our programs for riders, we also work on a lot of hanging elements. These build strength and flexibility through the whole upper body. Once someone has developed a base of hanging, we can then strengthen the dowel stretch movement by working to master the Eagle Grip Hang.
Good riding, and as always, reach out if you have any questions or would like to start training. The next block of the Ride Unlimited program starts Feb 8th!

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