Friday 7/30/21

Warmup +

once thru, completing a 15 sec Bar Hang b/t each exercise:

90 sec Pogo Hops

10 Box Jumps

35/leg Single Leg Hops

5/leg Single Leg Box Jumps

10 Split Stance Depth Drops

Full & Minimal Gyms

A1. Single Arm Push Press: work up to a comfortable max each arm, taking 6-8 sets to get there.

A2. Single Arm Bar Hang: complete a set of 5-12 sec/arm after each set of A1. Support with feet if needed.

B. 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time:

Heavy Rope Singles

Russian Twists

C1. Kneeling Arch: 3 x 5

C2. Pike Shoulder Ext: 3 x 30 sec

C3. Shoulder Extension Lifts: 3 x 5 @3 sec holds

C4. Wtd Prone Dislocates: 3 x 3 @6060

C5. Bridge: 3 x 10 sec

4 Replies to “Friday 7/30/21”

  1. A1: Used 45# DB, worked 5 push presses per side since I was at max weight for my DBs
    A2: 15 seconds per arm

    B: Used 14# Med Ball for Russian twists; regular jumprope

    C: 5# Change Plate throughout for all the PVC moves

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I was limited in weight today as well, maxed out my push press with a 55# KB x 5 per side.

    I neglected to time myself on the conditioning bit. The mobility at the end felt good, as did the bar hangs.

  3. A1 75 lb barbell load pretty solid… the next jump is 95…couldn’t quite get there
    A2 10 ish sec bar hang
    B 4;37 with 25 lb db for twist
    C. Surprisingly taxing… still not great at the kneeling arch.. others felt solid

  4. A1) built up to 39.6# DB
    A2) built up to ~3-4″ free hang each side
    B) ~5:00; used 25# KB for twists
    C) kneeling arches came back pretty quickly
    added 2.5# plate for pike extension
    extension lifts went well
    added 2.5# plate for dislocated
    bridges felt good

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