Friday 7/23/21


Full & Minimal Gyms

A. 3 rounds Plyo work:

60 sec +/- Pogo Hops

5 Depth Drops – increase height


3 rounds: 

20/leg Single Leg Hops

3/leg Single Leg Box Jumps

B. Suitcase Deadlift: build up to a medium heavy 3 each side

C. 20 min AMRAP at easy/moderate pace*:

3/3 Suitcase Deadlifts @weight from “B”

12/12 Single Arm Glute Bridge Floor Presses

max hold L-Hang or Tuck Hang

400m Run @recovery pace

*if planning on doing the Saturday workout.

D. Weighted Single Leg ISO Stand: 1 x 60-90 sec hold

2 Replies to “Friday 7/23/21”

  1. A felt solid
    B worked to 135 BB
    C got into round 4
    135 suitcase
    45lb db bridge press
    20-30 sec holds

    125 for the single leg… little wobbly on the right… def straight fire!

  2. A) felt good
    B) built up to 83# but my grip just isn’t as strong as it was a month ago!!
    C) 4 rounds
    73# BB for suitcase DL
    only had 10# DB handy–way too light
    10″ max (if that) for the tuck hang–grip was limiting factor, and sweat
    Run felt good–dog enjoyed it
    D) 53# BB used; 63″ on left and 70″ on right

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