Friday 10/8/21



Full & Minimal Gyms

A1. BB Split Squat -OR- Skater Squat: 3 x 21s*; rest 1 min

note-pick one.

A2. One Arm Elbow Out Row: 3 x 21s*; rest 1 min

*21s – 7 reps in most difficult half, 7 reps in easiest half, 7 reps full range.

B1. Romanian Rhythm Squat: 3 x 50; rest 1 min

note-details in video!!

B2. DB Seated Arnold Press: 3 x 21s*; rest 1 min

C. 3 rounds for quality:

5 Reverse Nordics

5 Wtd Incline or Standing Dislocates

5 Scap Pullups @3 sec holds on top & bottom

30 sec/side Wall Bicep

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  1. A worked up to 38#. I can def feel it more on the right side, worked up to 18 for rows
    B worked up to 53 for squats, 12 for presses
    C good stretches!

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