Friday 1/29/21


Wrist Series

Full & Minimal Gym

A. 3 rounds prep:

30 sec Passive Hang variation

10 Squat to Kneeling

3/side Turkish Get-Ups – lighter

B1. Floating Heel ISO Split Squat: 1 x max left leg; rest 90 sec

B2. EROM Pushup ISO: 1 x max; rest 90s sec

B3. Floating Heel ISO Split Squat: 1 x max right leg

C. 4 rounds: 

100 Heavy Rope Singles

20 Deep Knee Bend Squats

1 min Handstand Hold -OR- Downdog Hold

10 Burpees

D. 2 rounds for range:

5/5 slow Half Kneeling Windmills

5/5 Frog Rotations

7 Replies to “Friday 1/29/21”

  1. Only did parts today, as I had a specific side split training workout to do.
    ISO Split Squat – 2 min/side; ISO Pushup – 2:30′ Not max efforts, but progress from last week.
    New depth on Side Splits, calves getting close to floor!

  2. Holding the ISOs to a max instead of a specific timeframe is interestingly a different mental challenge altogether.
    My knees weren’t quite awake today with the TGU. Sometimes knees are fine and sometimes angry.
    I got a heavy rope and used that today (more like the kind we would use in middle school gym class) and I can tell that I have to jump a little higher when I get tired. I also notice how different my arms feel with it vs my light rope.
    I enjoy the windmills since I always feel tight on my sides.
    Got the hang of the frog rotations. Coordination is not my best asset which is why I am not a dancer! 🙂

  3. A. Overhead BB hold close grip. #15tgus
    B. Floating heels. Need work. 45 sec. Push-ups felt good for tough negatives. Are negatives a good option Scott?
    C. Felt strong!
    D. 25# windmills. Froggies ok.

  4. L leg lunge – 1:25
    R leg lunge – 1:00
    push hold – 2:00… limited by wrist/hands

    squats/ropes – felt good
    burpees – felt like burpees…damn burpees 🙂
    handstand – 40+ sec give or take

  5. I saw Karen’s comment about the mental challenge of max hold versus a set time–couldn’t agree more!!
    B1) 63 seconds
    B2) 60 seconds
    B3) 67 seconds

    opted for downdog hold rather than handstand, very glad a did–let the kid time me and she wasn’t giving up any seconds.

    frog rotations–yowzers!

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