Friday 1/14/22



practice TGUs & Lateral KB Clean to Twisting Press

Full & Minimal Gyms

A. 3 rounds @steady aerobic pace:

6/side Turkish Get-Ups – lighter

100 Heavy Rope Singles

10/side Lateral KB Clean to Twisting Press

100 Heavy Rope Singles

B. Box or Broad Jumps: 5 x 10; rest 1 min

C. 3 rounds for range:

10 DB Cross Bench Pullovers

5 Scap Pullups @3 sec holds at each end of the rep

30 sec Pike Shoulder Extension

5 Shoulder Extension Lifts @3 sec hold each

2 Replies to “Friday 1/14/22”

  1. A) 25# KB used for TGU and lateral clean/twist press
    heavy rope used

    B) used my exercise step plus 4 risers–felt good, probably need to get more risers to add height at this point (yay)

    C) 10# DB for pullover–this movement has gotten much stronger (noticed I have a lot more range with the movement)
    2.5# change plate for pike extension
    empty PVC for extension lifts; had forehead against wall

  2. Did A only – major cramping and spasms in hip flexors during workout and for hours afterward.
    15# TGU, 25# lateral kb – switched to 20#

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