Tuesday 12/6/22


A. Respiratory Warmup

B. 5 rounds:

3-5 Dips

max reps EROM Pushups (leave one rep in reserve)

10 alt’g Situps with Rotation 

3 min active recovery w/nasal breathing b/t each round – Walk, Jog, Bike, Row, etc.

C1. Upper Pec Range Press: 3 x 8 @2210; rest 30 sec

C2. Lateral Pullover, Bent Arm: 3 x 8/arm; rest 30 sec

C3. Piked Shoulder Extension: 3 x 30 sec; rest 30 sec

D. Band Pull-Aparts: 2 x 50 reps; rest 1-2 min

Monday 12/5/22


A. Hop Series 1: once through, but at twice the distances (~20yd)

B. Long Lunge ISO Hold w/DB/KBs: 2 x 15 sec/side; RAN

note-not full depth. Front foot flat and well beyond knee; weight into front heel. Do 1-2 warmup sets first, then build in weight. Can also use a barbell held under the hips.

C. 3 rounds @fast pace:

10/10 DB Split Squats ~1/5th bwt/hand if able

15 Air Squats

10 Burpees

rest 3 min b/t rounds

D. 3 rounds for range:

60 sec Weighted Butterfly

5 Seated Good Mornings

30 sec Upright Frog

Friday 12/2/22


A. Breathing Plank Circuit, one round: 

Front Plank 

Side Plank L/R 

Hook Lying

Glute Bridge

Inverted Plank

Do 4 breaths in each position, expanding as noted in the video. Use a 3 sec in/5 sec out breathing cadence (no holds). One round should take 3:30 to 4 min tops.

B. 3 rounds:

6 Pullups -OR- Rows

12 Box Jumps

50 Heavy Rope Singles


2 min rest


3 rounds:

6 Pullups -OR- Rows

12 Box Jumps

50 Heavy Rope Singles

note-6 rounds total, 2 min rest b/t round 3 & 4.

C. One Arm DB/KB/Barbell Row: 3 x 6/arm; rest 2 min

note-go heavy on these if you can! If limited in weight, go for max reps each set. These can also be done with a barbell for more loading options.

D1. Unrolling Flyes: 3 x 10 @2210; RAN

D2. Supine DB Internal Rotation: 3 x 5/5 @3020; RAN

Thursday 12/1/22


A1. Single Leg Deadlift: 5 x 10,8,6,4,2/leg; rest ~1 min b/t legs

note-increase weight as the reps drop. Keep hips flat, not letting the free leg’s hip lift or tilt outwards.

A2. DB/KB/Med Ball Russian Twist: 5 x 10/10; rest 1 min

B. 30 min easy circuit @zone 2/nasal breathing pace:

5 min Apnea Run, Walk, Row, Bike etc.* 

20 alt’g Step-Ups

10/10 light KB/DB Step-Back Cross-Chops

5/5 Floor Windshield Wipers

*At the 1,2,3,and 4 min marks of each round of this, do an exhaled breath hold until you get a medium-strong urge to breathe. Breathe normally to recover for the remainder of each minute. Breathe normally (& all nasal) during the other exercises in this workout.

Tuesday 12/29/22


A. 3 rounds:

10 Cross Bench Pullovers

30 sec Piked Shoulder Extension

30 sec/side Bent Armbar

10 Incline Trap 3 Raise @1 sec hold each rep

B1. Upper Pec Range Press: 3 x 10 @2210; rest 30 sec

B2. Elbow Out DB Row: 3 x 10/arm @2011; rest 30 sec

B3. DB Incline Lateral Raise: 3 x 10/arm @2011; rest 60 sec

C. 5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds w/full recovery b/t each

Strict Press (barbell, DB, or KB)

Chin-Ups or Negatives

D. Band Pull-Aparts: 2 x 50 reps; rest 1-2 min

Monday 11/28/22


A. Power Clean: 1 rep EMOM for 8 min, ~80%1RM

note-sub heavy DB/KB one arm cleans, 1/side.

B. Front Squat: 5 x 3 reps, building. 3 sec pause at the bottom of first rep of each set, then no pause on the next 2 reps. Use a running 10 min timer, doing a set at the 0,2,4,7, and 10 min marks. (longer rests as you go)

C. 4 rounds:

5/5 ATG Split Squats

5 Seated Good Mornings

15 sec L-Hang

5/5 Windmills

Friday 11/25/22


A. 5 rounds, or 10 rounds if done with a partner & you alt. each round:

Run 200m (or other equivalent Row, Bike, or 100 Heavy Rope Singles)

12 DB/KB Deadlifts

9 DB/KB Hang Power Cleans

6 DB/KB Push Jerks

rest as long as the prior round took you b/t each round, or alternate with a partner

note-same weight for all 3 weighted movements. You can sub a barbell if no appropriate weight in DBs or KBs.

B. 3 rounds:

10/10 Squatting DB Curls, alt’g

10 Bench Dips w/Hip Extension

10 DB Lateral Raises

Thursday 11/24/22


A. Breathing Mechanics Drills – 5 breaths in each position

B. Run 800m easy warmup

C. Complete, ideally with a partner working along with you!:

Run 1 mile, then

AMRAP in 13 minutes:

10 Goblet Squats

10 Pushups

10 KB Swings

20 Situps

then, Run 800m

Tuesday 11/22/22



A. Hop Series # 2 – 1 time through; RAN (reg, lateral split, wide, slalom, low ceiling, low lunge lateral, fwd balance

B. Back Squats: build to a heavy single, or a true max

note-max it out if feeling good, otherwise hit a heavy single. Sub DB Front or Goblet Pistol Squats to bench. 

C1. Goblet Cyclist Squats: 4 x 10 @2020; rest 1 min

C2. Single Leg RDL: 4 x 5/5; rest 1 min

note-DB, KB, or barbell.

D. 2-3 rounds for quality:

3/3 Hi/Low Windmills (hold a medium weight in high hand, heavier weight in low hand)

10/10 Diagonal Stretch

5 Incline Jefferson Curls

Monday 11/21/22


A. 15 min AMRAP:

8 Bent Over Rows

12 Pushups

50 Heavy Rope Singles

B. 10 min AMRAP, aerobic pace:

5/5 Windmills

10/10 Lateral KB Cleans

10 sec L-Hang

C. 3 rounds for range:

6/position DB Smith Curls

30 sec Double Internal Rotation Stretch

5-15 sec Single Arm Passive Hang (sub regular hang if needed)