About Scott

scott squatting by his bike

Scott Hagnas has fifteen years experience as a strength, mobility, and conditioning coach. He is based out of Portland, Oregon, USA. In addition to leading group classes since 2005, Scott has privately coached more than 200 people, from professional athletes and performers to fitness enthusiasts.

His clients have included Portland State University athletes, Oregon Ballet Theatre performers, X-Games medalists, fighters, numerous competitive CrossFit Games athletes, Powerlifters, race car drivers, military/tactical athletes, and athletes from numerous endurance sports.

Scott has attended more than 75 workshops, retreats or symposiums with fitness, strength, and flexibility experts over the years. He has a passion for learning and constantly improving as a coach.

Scott got into BMX Freestyle riding way back in 1982, and has continued to ride ever since. He then began weightlifting, gymnastic, and mobility training in 1996. In 2003, he found CrossFit in it’s very early years and  opened CrossFit Portland in March 2005 at the urging of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. It was one of the first handful of CrossFit affiliates gyms in the world. Scott still co-owns the original gym and can be found there most days. These days, Crossfit type training is just one of many different approaches and modalities that he employs with clients.  

When Scott’s not riding, training or coaching he’s reading, writing or consulting on those subjects.